Estonia sends food aid to Ukraine

Estonia has sent food aid to Ukraine to help internally displaced persons that have fled the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine. Urmas Paet, a member of the European Parliament, said that the arrival of the food aid is very timely.

According to Paet the UNHCR Kiev office received 20 tons of milk powder, 4,5 tons of canned soups and 4,7 tons of canned meat. “Estonian humanitarian aid shipment preparations started already weeks ago. It has now arrived to Kiev and from there it will be sent to the IDPs in a very difficult situation in Odessa region. Estonian aid will also be distributed in other regions with IDPs,” he added.

Paet said that food and other humanitarian aid is still very much needed in Ukraine since the winter is approaching and people are not able to return to their home regions in Eastern Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict. “Estonia has supported Ukraine with nearly a million Euros this year, but more is needed and also Estonia must continue helping those that are suffering because of the conflict in Ukraine,” he said.