Humanitarian catastrophe in South-Sudan requires immediate intervention

Member of European Parliament, Urmas Paet, wrote an application concerning the disastrous humanitarian situation in South-Sudan.

Paet noted in his application that due to continuous conflict, the situation of the citizens of South-Sudan is catastrophic. “The lives of 3,8 million South-Sudan citizens are directly dependant on humanitarian assistance, but the assistance provided is far from enough. European Union needs to contribute in any way to end the conflict in South-Sudan and ain cooperation with UN and other donor organisations, inspect the necessities and capabilities of humanitarian assistance “.

Paet added that if necessary the international donor conference of South-Sudan has to be convened. “In addition we must prevent the humanitarian aid to get in possession of armed groupings, as well as assure the security of aid workers.”

In his application Paet said that the people responsible for violence and breach of human right have to be brought into justice and International Criminal Court should be engaged.