Juncker censure vote will fail since it would weaken Europe

Urmas Paet, member of European Parliament, said he will not be backing the no-confidence vote against Jean-Claude Juncker in the European Parliament this Thursday.

Paet said that the motion to discharge the leader of the European Commission that has only just begun their work was made by members of those political powers of the European Parliament that are opposed to further development and strengthening of the European Union. „The investigation of the Luxleak is not even over yet, but a condemnatory judgment is already sought,“ he said.

„In today’s international environment we need a strong and unified Europe whereas the attempt to distrust the European Commission has the opposite effect and is not in the interests of a strong European Union,“ Paet added.

Paet sees a growing concern rather in the ties between Russia and European right and left wing extreme parties as well as EU opponents. “Also this motion against the president of the EU Commission must be viewed in this context,” he added.

Paet sees no possibility that Thursdays censure vote could pass in the European Parliament since most of the members of the European Parliament consider a stable development of the EU important.