Russian military planes threaten passenger planes near airports in Baltic Sea region

Russian military planes that fly in European air space, including Baltic Sea region, with transponders and communication systems switched off, jeopardize passenger planes.

The traffic of Russian military planes has risen espacially above Baltic Sea region. There are several international airports here in Baltic sea region that have a really heavy traffic, planes change heights and manoeuvre. Thus military planes without transponders represent a great threat especially around Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn and Gdansk airports.

I submitted a proposal and a written question to European Commission, calling for measures to change the situation. The change in Convention on International Civil Aviation should be initiated, in order to ban military planes flying blind, without transponders. Situation must be changed before anything catastrophic happens.

“In recent months there have been several situations very close to crash between passenger planes and military planes flying without transponders. This is a severe play with human lives and must be stopped.