Only 7 EU countries have ratified the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which is too little

Member of European Parliament, Urmas Paet, said in a meeting of Group of Friends of European Ukraine and members of new Ukrainian Parliament that EU member states need to speed up the ratification of EU-Ukraine Association and Free Trade Agreements so that agreements could come into force as soon as possible.

According to Paet in addition to European Parliament only seven EU countries have so far ratified the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement which is far from attitudes expressed in spring nor the support that Ukraine needs right now. When after dramatic events in early summer it finally reached to signing EU and Ukraine Association Agreement then it was promised to ratify the agreements quickly, but just seven out of 28 member states is not an excellent result,” he added.

Paet expressed a hope that by EU Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga in six months all EU member states have redeemed their promise and ratified the Association Agreement with Ukraine. “In current complex situation Ukraine needs a comprehensive support and especially fulfilling earlier agreements,” he stated in a meeting of Group of Friends of European Ukraine.