Cyber attacks have become new normality in most countries

Member of European Parliament, Urmas Paet, said in his speech on cyber security in Munich Security Conference that cyber attacks have become new normality and we need to strengthen international legal system as well as technical readiness in order to cope with it.

According to Paet the strategies of states’ cyber defense rather need to concentrate on prevention of the attacks, than dealing with the consequences. “It is a concern of every state to protect its infrastructure against cyber attacks and to secure the operating of a state during attacks. This should be supported by culture of cyber security, arising from international cooperation,” he added.

“Each state has dozens of critically important elements of infrastructure that need close protection. Besides data systems there are energy connections, transportation systems, banking and many others,” Paet said in his speech.

Paet noted that the fear of cyber attacks may not hinder implementation of new e-services, because it has progressive impact to all societies, enhancing efficiency and as well as openness.

Today, hybrid wars, defensive capacity and issues of refugees are being discussed in the 51st Cyber Conference in Munich.

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