New prospective truce in Eastern-Ukraine may not lead to new frozen conflict

Member of European Parliament, Urmas Paet, said at discussion over situation in Ukraine in European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg, that the new prospectively achieved truce may not make Eastern-Ukraine so called new frozen conflict area.

“At today’s meeting in Minsk maybe new truce, along with a new dividing line, will be achieved in Eastern-Ukraine. I hope this truce agreement shall not be breached 120 times a day. The new dividing line will probably be worse than previous, as the area of Eastern-Ukraine that remains under Ukraine’s control has diminished in recent weeks,” he said.

According to Paet the truce is certainly needed, however, it cannot lead to creation of another frozen conflict area. This wouldn’t be appropriate for a 21st century defence environment in Europe.

“Finding a solution for the whole conflict is very complicated, considering that we are dealing with fundamental confrontation. Russia wants to stop Ukraine from moving towards European Union, whereas the government and majority of community aim at continuing the path towards EU. The EU can only dwell from the fact that each country has the right to create its own future,” he said.

Paet added that until this principal is secured and the aggression in Ukraine continues, on top of Eastern-Ukraine the Crimea may not be forgotten, the EU must carry on political activities together with USA and other democratic countries, expand pressure on Russia and provide comprehensive help to Ukraine. “This includes quick assistance with intelligence and communication facilities and systems, cyber defence and satellite pictures. At the same time the EU has to maintain unanimity,” he said.

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