Increased international pressure needed on Russia to release Eston Kohver

Today, six months ago, an Estonian police officer Eston Kohver was abducted by Russia and taken to a prison. This is a crime and a violation of human rights that must to be stopped immediately.
Estonia, European Union, Council of Europe and many countries have clearly demanded that Russia release Eston Kohver and send him to Estonia. However Russia has not responded and Kohver is still kept in a prison in Moscow and away from his loved ones. The international community must step up the pressure on the release of mr.Kohver and maintain constant attention to this issue until mr.Kohver is released and free.
I made a proposal to add in the European Parliament preparatory resolution on Russia a paragraph demanding for the release of Eston Kohver. Also the ALDE group in the European Parliament will turn to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Mogherini in a letter asking for a more intense action on the motion to release of Eston Kohver.
Russia has taken half a year from the life of Eston Kohver. It is a very long time. Eston Kohver must be freed and joined with his family.