Russia must respect international law in Eston Kohver’s case

The ALDE Group Leader, Guy Verhofstadt and ALDE MEP, Urmas Paet, have sent a letter to Mrs. Federica Mogherini, asking the High Representative to raise the case of the Estonian police officer, Eston Kohver, with Russian authorities. Kohver was abducted on Estonian territory by Russian security services, in September 2014, while on duty and held in detention in Moscow.  

ALDE MEP, Urmas Paet (Estonian Reform Party), says his country has made repeated calls for Mr. Kohver’s immediate release:

Eston Kohver’s abduction is a clear violation of international law by the Russian Federation, as Russian security officials crossed illegally into Estonian territory and abducted him. We are also seriously concerned about the proceedings in this case as Mr. Kohver’s illegal pre-trial detention has been extended until the 5th of April. He doesn’t receive appropriate legal aid and his health has deteriorated while being jailed.”

Moreover, I totally don’t understand why Russian authorities asked for a psychiatric examination in his case. They didn’t give any details on that and there is no reason mentioned.

Estonia has taken a number of diplomatic and consular steps, in our bilateral contacts with Russia, but without any result. I really hope Mrs. Mogherini can help in finding a solution to this case!