EU wants the Estonian-Russian border treaty to enter into force

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini answered to my inquiry concerning the Estonian-Russian border treaty, that the EU looks forward to the fast and complete ratification of the Estonian-Russian border treaty.

“As the legal certainty of European Union’s borders is very important, the EU has supported Estonia’s efforts to reach an agreement with the Russian Federation over a bilateral border treaty,” said Mogherini in her letter. “The European Union wishes that the Russian Federation would launch the ratification process of the border treaty in the State Duma as it has already been launched in the Estonian Parliament,” she added.

I hope the State Duma will start the ratification process soon, so that after more than 20 years of preparations, the Estonian-Russian border question could be clearly solved. The less undecided questions we have with Russia, the better and the border issue is definitely one of them. The clear support of the EU over the ratification and entering into force of the treaty confirms this.