EU is closely following the case of Eston Kohver and considers it a violation of international law

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini answered to MEP Urmas Paet’s inquiry concerning the abduction and illegal detention of the Estonian police officer Eston Kohver.

Mogherini confirmed in her reply to Paet that the abduction of Eston Kohver by the Russian security services from Estonian territory near the Estonian-Russian border has gained her full attention. She added that the alarming incident has repeatedly been raised with the Russian authorities.

The High Representative also stated in her reply that the EU has made it crystal clear that the abduction and arbitrary detention of an EU citizen by the Russian Federation in this way, is a violation of international law and of the principle of the inviolability of borders.

MEP Urmas Paet said that the issue of Eston Kohver needs to be held under international attention until his release. “Russia has already stolen seven months from Eston Kohver’s life and the farce of this case continues. This investigation and trial are illegal and Kohver should be freed,” Paet said.

“EU continues to closely follow the case of Eston Kohver, calling for Kohver’s immediate release and safe return to Estonia,” Mogherini stated. “EU also continues to point out that Eston Kohver should be treated in accordance with the obligations assumed by the Russian Federation arising from the international human rights law,” she added.