MEP Paet sent a question to the European Commission concerning recent Russian import restrictions

MEP Urmas Paet sent a question to the European Commission concerning the export ban that the Russian Federation established on all fish products originating from Estonia.
Urmas Paet said that the inspected Estonian fish processing companies meet all the EU requirements and that the precautionary measures put in place by the authorities of the Russian Federation as a result of the audit should be seen as part of Russian sanctions imposed on the food products from the European Union. “The ban is disproportionate and Russia’s approach in setting up trade barriers, in particular by questioning the reliability of the EU wide quality control and safety surveillance system, should be of great concern for all Member States,” he added.

In his letter to the European Commission, Paet said, that therefore the European Commission should consider addressing the worrying situation at the upcoming meetings with the representatives of the Russian Federation. Paet also asked if and how the Commission is planning to relieve the situation for the companies affected by the restrictions.