Establishment of international criminal tribunal would enable to hold terrorists accountable for shooting down flight MH17

Estonian Member of the European Parliament and former Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the memory of those who lost their lives a year ago in the tragic downing of flight MH17, deserves that the UN Security Council establishes an international criminal tribunal to prosecute those who shot down the flight.

“The prosecution of these criminals is also important to the international community so that finally the truth with all its consequences to the terrorists and to their supporters will become clear,” he said.

Paet added that Russia’s position not to support the establishment of the tribunal does not come as a surprise and is in itself a strong signal.

According to Paet, Russia’s behavior during the investigation has been strange. “Even now Russia does not support the establishment of the criminal tribunal and by doing so, is continuing it’s current line,” he added.

Urmas Paet, together with many other MEPs showed his support to the Dutch, Australian, Belgian, Malaysian and Ukrainian governments’ request for an International Criminal Tribunal.

Paet added that unfortunately it took the tragic downing of flight MH17 for many Western societies to realize and acknowledge the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine.