The UK should not be forced to quickly leave the EU

The European Union should not pressure the UK to quickly trigger Article 50. Even if the UK decides to start the process of leaving the EU, the aim should be to keep Britain a strong ally and partner. Thus, we should not let emotions get the best of us and later regret it.

Appointing of the new British Prime Minister will reduce the post Brexit referendum uncertainty. Further steps and the pace of decision-making remains in the hands of London. While planning the next steps, British politicians certainly have to consider the position of Scotland and Northern Ireland, which do not want to leave the EU. In addition, other issues have arisen after the referendum.

Britain was, is and will remain an important and close partner for European countries. Even if Brexit is carried out, it is of great importance to achieve a close relationship between Britain and the EU because of the current difficult and hostile environment in the world. It is crucial to keep our allies close.

I believe it is only in close cooperation between Britain and the EU that we can find a solution to the current European issues such as migration crisis, internal security problems, aggressive Russia and Europe’s weak economic growth.